Upper Adjustable Radiator Mounts - VW MK2 [MK3 VR6 Radiator]

The Upper Adjustable Radiator Mounts are designed for use with our Tubular Front Cross Bar for the MK2 to bolt a MK3 VR6 Radiator into the MK2 rad support.


  • Makes a MK3 VR6 Radiator bolt in to a MK2 with our Tubular Front Cross Bar
  • They are adjustable so the rad can be tilted toward or away from the engine depending on your needs
  • All mounting hardware needed is included

What's Included

  • Two (2) Adjustable Radiator Mounts
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Two (2) Grommets
  • Two (2) Rad Rubber Mounts
  • Two (2) Rad Pins 


Must have our VW MK2 Tubular Front Cross Bar


  • MK3 VR6

Rad support

  • VW MK2

Note: If you have done any body work to your rad support, please ensure the factory mounting holes for the rad are still present.