Upper Radiator Mount - VW MK3

The Fabless Upper Radiator Mount is made from polyurethane instead of rubber for improved durability and won't dry out or crack over time. 

The Fabless Upper Radiator Mount is a direct replacement for MK3 Upper Radiator Mounts, Part #1HM121267F and will work on all North American MK3 radiators.

What’s Included

  • One (1) Upper Radiator Mount

Sold individually. For a complete set, please add 2 to cart.

    Vehicle Compatibility

    • VW MK2 Golf/Jetta/Rallye
      • With a MK3 Radiator
    • VW Corrado G60/VR6
      • With a MK3 Radiator
    • VW MK3 Golf/GTI/Jetta
      • All Factory Applications with North American Rad support
      • Or North American Rad support with Fabless Tubular Front Cross Bar 

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