Hidden Hood Strut Kit | Euro Spec - VW MK2 Golf/Jetta

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The Hidden Hood Strut Kit for the European Spec VW MK2 Golf/Jetta, lets you seamlessly install gas shocks without visible mounts on your fenders or hood. Our simple and sleek design hides the shock assembly within the cowl for a completely hidden look. The Fabless hinges in the kit will be the only visible clue, along with the prop rod that’s no longer in use.

The European Spec kit is our solution for MK2's not equipped with the hinge hook or the lower hook catch factory, or MK2's where the lower hood catch has been shaved. The lower shock mounts are bolted to the vehicle and require the holes to be drilled to mount. See the Installation section below for full details.

The Hinges and Lower Shock Mounts are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. They can be installed as is or lightly scuff and paint with the colour of your choice.

Note: This demonstration video features a North American spec model.


Left and Right Hinges and Lower Shock Mounts, Gas Shocks,
Mounting Hardware and P-Clamps with rivets. 
  • Two (2) Hinges (Right & Left)
  • Two (2) Gas Shocks (Right & Left)
  • Two (2) Lower Shock Mounts (Right & Left)
  • Two (2) P-Clamps
  • Two (2) Rivets
  • Four (4) Ball Ends and Nuts
  • Four (4) M6 Flange Bolts (To Mount Hood)
  • Six (6) M6 Button Head Bolts (For Lower Shock Mount Assembly)
  • Six (6) M6 Nuts
  • Eight (8) M6 Flat Washers - Small OD
  • Four (4) M6 Flat Washers - Large OD
  • Drill template for the Lower Shock Mounts

Note: The video demonstrates the North American version of the kit, a video for the European version will be available soon.  


The European Spec Hidden Hood Strut Kit is compatible with Euro Spec MK2's that do not have hinge hooks or lower hood catch's factory, or for modified MK2's where the lower hood catch has been shaved.


  • VW MK2 Golf/Jetta LHD 
  • VW MK2 Golf/Jetta RHD


The Lower Shock Mounts require drilling to install on Euro Spec MK2's. A Drill Template is included to locate the Lower Shock Mounts, check out our Install Video for full instructions.

The P-Clamps and Rivets are used to attach your washer fluid hose to the Fabless Hinges. The rivet attaches to a small hole on each hinge.

Ensure you have a good grip on the hood during opening and closing as the struts will pull up during opening and will pull down during closing. 

For full instructions, please watch our detailed install video.