MK7 Gas Pedal Plug

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The MK7 Gas Pedal Plug will fit on all MK7 Gas Pedals and is most useful for engine swaps that can use a MK7 Gas Pedal. 



  • One (1) Plastic MK7 Gas Pedal Plug
  • Six (6) Pins & Seals


Gas Pedal

  • MK7 Gas Pedal

Useful information for swaps:

Since the MK7 Gas Pedal Plug has 6 pins, if you are swapping from another 6 pin gas pedal, like MK4 for example, you can simply splice in this plug, using the same wire order, 1-6.

The MK7 Gas Pedal will work with MK4 Engines & ECU's, VR6, VR5 & 4-Cyl. However it can stop working with some custom ECU tunes. Many ECU flashes don't impact it, but it's something to consider. For MK4 Engine Swaps it is better to run a MK4 Gas Pedal if that option is available to you.

If your harness has a MK5 plug, and you want to avoid using a MK5 or MK6 style floor mounted pedal, you can run a MK7 Pedal instead, and you don't have to change the plug. A MK5 or MK6 plug will fit on a MK7 Gas Pedal. You can change it out if you want, but its not necessary.

The MK7 Gas Pedal will work perfectly on MK5 and MK6 engines to avoid a floor mounted pedal. It will also work in MK7 factory applications or MK7 Engine Swaps.