VR6/02M Complete Mount Kit - VW Corrado

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The Fabless VR6/02M Complete Mount Kit provides a solution to install any VR6 Engine with an 02M Transmissions in a Corrado VR6 or G60. This kit is a full mount solution, providing an upgraded front cross member and all the mounts needed for the swap.

Available in both subframe mounting options; Corrado G60/MK2 subframe or Corrado VR6/MK3 subframe.

Our mounts are stronger and stiffer than the factory mounts while also providing some adjustability on the Block Mount. The block mount has two positions; factory height & up to a 16mm drop (16mm lower setting with Corrado VR6/MK3 Subframe, 8mm drop with Corrado G60/MK2 subframe selection). The lower setting on the mount is useful for additional hood clearance but it also helps to level out the engine appearance without impacting the axle fitment. These mounts will have the typical factory VR6 lean on the top block mount setting and less lean on the lower setting. 

These mounts keep the engine in OEM position, which means 02M axles on the market are compatible. 

NOTE: The subframe cup has to be moved back to clear the inner CV on the 02M transmission.

What’s Included

  • VR6 Block Mount with subframe Perch
  • 02M Transmission Mount with subframe Perch
  • Corrado Tubular Front Cross Bar with Front Engine Mount
  • Zinc plated mounting hardware
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Black powder coat

Add-Ons/Compatible Products

  • Polyurethane Jack Pad



  • Corrado VR6
  • Corrado G60


  • 2.8L 12v VR6
  • 2.8L 24v VR6
  • 3.2L VR6
  • 3.6L VR6



  • 02M 6-Speed Manual FWD/AWD - VW MK4
  • 02M 6-Speed Manual FWD/AWD - Audi MK1 TT


  • 02Q 6-Speed Manual FWD/AWD - VW MK5/MK6/MK7

In AWD/quattro applications a Corrado G60/MK2 Subframe is needed for clearance. Otherwise modification is required for the axle to clear the engine perch on the subframe.


  • 02M/02Q Compatible Axles (not included)

Although our mounts are OEM position, custom axles are required to accommodate the transmission. The 02M/02Q is larger and uses larger inner CV's compared to the factory 02A Transmission in the Corrado. Any axles on the market intended for an 02M/02Q in a MK2, MK3 or Corrado application will work with our mount positioning.


    Upper radiator tabs will need to be fabricated to secure the top of the radiator to the Corrado G60 or VR6 Upper Radiator Support.

    • 8v/16v Radiator
    • MK3 VR6 Radiator (North American)

    Removable lower rad pins are provided for fitment of both rad types listed. 


    A factory MK3 VR6 fan set up will work, however if space or engine cooling is a concern, a slim fan set up with Spal fans is recommended. Check out our Engine Cooling Collection under the Swap Parts Menu at the top of the page.