Fabless Manufacturing views the Manufacturer to Wholesale relationship as a long term partnership, and as such, we are highly selective in our choice for new account holders. When an applicant meets our requirements, they are connected with our team, which provides all the details of how to utilize the account.

All accepted applicants are required to place their first order that satisfies our Buy-In requirements, in order to officially open their account. Fabless Manufacturing's Wholesale Requirements and Buy in Requirements place a sufficient barrier to entry to prevent sellers who are not fully invested into the long term business relationship, or who are not invested in the future of the automotive industry from gaining access. This in turn helps to protect Fabless Manufacturing's current Wholesale partners. While the process may set the bar high, it's because we believe in building relationships that last, and that are mutually beneficial.

Business Requirements 

  • Must have a physical storefront or warehouse
  • Hold a valid license to sell in your state/province
  • Be knowledgeable in the industry, understanding the needs of MK1 to MK4 VW owners, along with knowledge of common engine swaps and projects.
  • Clear ability to add value via installation, product knowledge, marketing, photography or content creation, etc

Fabless Manufacturing also believes in protecting our existing Wholesale Account Holders by ensuring adequate distance between locations of open accounts. We will not approve accounts that are too close geographically to any existing Wholesale Account Holder.

To apply for a wholesale account with Fabless Manufacturing please complete the form below and follow the instructions inside the form.

Wholesale Application