Tubular Control Arms [Heim] - VW MK2 | G60 Corrado [5-Bolt]

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Our Tubular Control Arms are made for the MK2 Golf/Jetta or Corrado G60 with the 5-bolt conversion (MK3/Corrado VR6 Spindles). 

These control arms utilize the factory sway bar location and factory length, but fit a MK3 VR6 Ball Joint. This enables the 5-bolt conversion, without increasing your track width, and also corrects the difference between the MK3 to MK2 suspension, keeping your wheels in the center of the wheel arch.

Our tubular control arms decrease joint play and add stiffness to improve steering response, overall handling and tire contact during cornering and hard acceleration. 

Our Heim Tubular Control Arms are best suited to the performance enthusiast. You will have the most performance gain with the heim, due to the stiffness and rigidity of the mount but will also have increased road feedback and noise which is typical for heim joints. Best for race applications or vehicles that aren’t driven in winter road conditions. The heim arms also eliminate the issue of the rear bushing popping out on lowered vehicles. 

This listing is for the pair of control arms (left & right).

Product Details

  • Black powder coat included with sandtex finish.
  • Bolt in solution for MK2's & Corrado G60's with VR6 5 bolt spindles
  • Includes factory mounting location for sway bar end links
  • Chromoly Heim Joint Ends with PTFE lining
  • DOM tubing (USA Steel) and TIG welded
  • Ball joint is secured between two mounting plates



  • MK2 Golf/Jetta
  • Corrado G60

Spindle Type

  • 5-Bolt MK3 VR6 factory spindles
  • 5-Bolt Corrado VR6 factory spindles


The heim arms provide increased suspension articulation and are recommended in static or dynamic applications. They are suitable for lowered and ultra low application and also are a better choice when maximum articulation is a must. 


To complete the 5-bolt conversion, you will use your factory MK2/Corrado G60 axles but remove the outer CV and replace it with a MK3 VR6 or Corrado VR6 outer CV (it will be a direct replacement). 

Use Recommendations

Although the control arms have adjustment for alignment purposes, camber should always be added by camber plates or adjustable strut tops, not from the control arm. The arms are designed to have 50% of the heim joint threads inside the control arm during use.

To preserve the life of your heim joints and control arms, keep them dust/debris free and dry. Spray off control arms periodically during use, and more frequently if driving in wet or dusty conditions. Winter road conditions are not recommended and will reduce the life of your heim joints and control arms. If driving in these conditions, frequent cleaning is a must.

Ensure the Jam nut remains tight during use, check periodically. If driven more frequently or roads are excessively bumpy, check more regularly and second jam nut can be added for security.

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