Upper Adjustable Radiator Mounts - VW MK2 [MK3 VR6 Radiator]

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The Upper Adjustable Radiator Mounts are designed for use with our Fabless MK2 Tubular Front Cross Bar to bolt a MK3 VR6 Radiator into the MK2 rad support.


  • Makes a MK3 VR6 Radiator bolt in to a MK2 with our Tubular Front Cross Bar
  • They are adjustable so the rad can be tilted toward or away from the engine depending on your needs
  • All mounting hardware needed is included

What's Included

  • Two (2) Adjustable Radiator Mounts
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Two (2) Fabless Lower Grommets
  • Two (2) Fabless Upper Rad Mounts
  • Two (2) Rad Pins 

The Fabless Upper rad mounts and lower grommets were made as a replacement to the MK3 VR6 factory rad mounts. Our mounts are improved over the factory rubber mounts, using polyurethane for the upper mount and silicone for the lower mount. Polyurethane is more durable than rubber and won't dry out over time, while the silicone has similar features but maintains the flexibility for easy install and cushion for the rad.


Front Cross Member

  • Fabless MK2 Tubular Front Cross Bar (28-2000 to 28-2007)

Note: Upper Adjustable Radiator Mounts are not compatible with factory cross members. 


  • MK3 VR6 OEM or OEM Replacement
  • Mishimoto Aluminum Performance Radiator (MMRAD-GLF-94)*

*Note: Mishimoto radiators have thicker top mounting pegs than MK3 factory or OEM replacement radiators. The top aluminum mounting pegs will have to be filed down thinner for the upper Radiator bushings to press on.

Rad support

  • VW MK2 OEM

Note: If you have done any body work to your rad support, please ensure the factory mounting holes for the rad are still present.