Dual Spal Fan Wiring Harness

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The Fabless Dual Spal Fan Wiring Harness fits with our Slim Fan Set Ups (Fan Shroud & Spal Fans).

The harness will connect two Spal Fans, with a 30/40 amp waterproof Relay and an inline fuse holder with fuse. Simply plug into your Spal Fans, and connect the power wire, ground wire and trigger wire for an easy wiring solution with your Fabless Slim Fan Set Up!

The kit also comes with the connectors you'll need, some zip ties and P-clamps to secure the harness to your fan shroud. 



  • One (1) Spal Dual Fan Wiring Harness (Includes waterproof relay and fuse)
  • Three (3) Heat Shrink Butt Connectors
  • One (1) Ring Terminal
  • Four (4) Zip Ties
  • Four (4) P-Clamps
  • One (1) Bolt


Fan Shrouds

  • Fan Shroud - VW MK3 [34-2101 & 34-2102]
  • Fan Shroud - VW Corrado [34-2201]
  • Fan Shroud - VW MK4 [34-2301]

Spal Fans

  • Spal 9" Puller Fan 30100392
  • Spal 12" Puller Fan 30100375
  • Spal 13" Puller Fan 30100398

Install Notes

Power Wire (Red) - direct to battery/power source

Ground Wire (Black) - connect to chassis

Trigger Wire (Green) - fan switch to ground or toggle switch to ground if you want a manual override

We recommend attaching the relay with one of the fan bolts. However, a new hole can be drilled and tapped to mount the relay in a different location and we have supplied an additional piece of hardware for this.

Photos shown of harness installed are on a MK4 Fan Shroud, but the general routing and how the harness is fastened to the shroud will work in all of our Slim Fan applications.

With this harness, your fans will have one speed; high. If wired into your fan switch, your fans will come on when the fan switch triggers the system, and will turn off when your coolant temperature is below the threshold. If you wired it directly into a switch, the fans will turn on and off manually at your discretion.

Note: You no longer use the factory fan module/wiring.