Polyurethane Bushing Replacement

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The Fabless Bushing Replacement is made from a durable polyurethane and is intended for use with all Fabless Front, Engine Block and Transmission Mounts* in MK1, MK2 and MK3 applications.

This is perfect as a back up, replacement, or with the purchase of a separate Front Engine Mount.

Fabless Bushings are now available in softer and harder densities. 

*02A/02J Transmission Mount does not use our standard size bushings. 


  • Two Polyurethane halves


  • All Front Engine Mounts
  • All Engine Block Mounts
  • 02M, 02M+ & DSG Transmission Mounts

Hardness Guide

Our Standard hardness bushings are included in our Tubular Front Cross Bar, Engine Mounts and Engine Swap kits. They provide the ideal balance between comfort and performance. The softer bushings are recommended for Diesel swaps and customers aiming for reduced NVH levels compared to our standard bushings. The harder bushings are a substitute for solid mounts. 

  • Standard Bushings: 85A
  • Softer Bushings: 60A*
  • Harder Bushings: 70D

*Not to be used with 07K Engine Swap Kit due to the tight clearance near the frame rail. Only Standard or Harder Bushings can be used.