Complete Radiator Mount Replacement Kit - VW MK3

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The Complete Radiator Mount Replacement Kit for the MK3 chassis includes Two Upper Poly Radiator Mounts, Two OEM Upper Radiator Pins, Two Lower Silicone Radiator Mounts, Two Lower Steels Supports and hardware for the lower assembly. This kit comes with everything you need to replace your upper and lower radiator mounts on your MK3 North American Radiator.

Many of the factory lower radiator mounts require replacement as the rubber bushing has dried out or cracked and the steel sleeve support has rot. Our kit provides a brand new steel lower pad and support along with our improved upper and lower radiator mounts and hardware.

The Fabless Upper Radiator Mount is made from polyurethane instead of rubber for improved durability and won't dry out or crack over time. The Upper Radiator Mount is a direct replacement for MK3 Upper Radiator Mounts, Part #1HM121267F and will work on all North American MK3 radiators.

The Fabless Lower Radiator Mount is made from silicone instead of rubber for improved durability and longevity. The silicone maintains flexibility for easy install, provides cushion for the rad, lasts four (4) times longer than rubber and won't dry out or crack over time.

What’s Included

  • Two (2) Upper Poly Radiator Mounts
  • Two (2) OEM Upper Radiator Pins
  • Two (2) Lower Silicone Radiator Mounts
  • Two (2) Lower Steel Supports
  • Two (2) Bolts and Two (2) Washers for the lower assembly

Includes full set of upper and lower rad mounts and hardware for replacement mounts on a MK3 radiator. Compatible with the factory MK3 Front Cross Member or the Fabless MK3 Tubular Front Cross Bar.

    Vehicle Compatibility

    • VW MK3 Golf/GTI/Jetta
      • All Factory Applications with North American Rad support
      • Or North American Rad support with Fabless Tubular Front Cross Bar 


    • All MK3 North American Radiators, VR6, 4-Cylinder and TDI compatible.

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