Tubular Subframe - VW MK2 | Corrado | MK3

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The Tubular Subframe is a direct replacement* for factory subframes in MK2, Corrado G60, Corrado VR6 and MK3. It is stronger, stiffer and 4 lbs lighter than a factory subframe. The Tubular Subframe maintains OEM position for sway bar mounts, the block perch, and the transmission perch (with adjustability).

Adjustable transmission perch for easy mounting of many transmissions! The forward position is the factory position of the transmission cup, and can be adjusted back to accommodate 02M, 02Q and DSG transmissions, without modification to the subframe.

No more stripping the threads inside the subframe when removing your control arms over time, our Tubular Subframe has a captured nut that can be easily replaced in the future when needed.

*Our Tubular Subframe is compatible with Tubular Control Arms, and is not compatible with OEM control arms. The Heim design of Tubular Control Arms allows the necessary clearance for full range of motion.

Availability Note: As Tubular Subframes have a longer manufacturing time, they may not always be ready to ship at time of purchase, but they will always be in a state of production. For this reason, the Tubular Subframes will remain available for purchase as long as we can complete them within 1-2 weeks. If this listing shows "Out of Stock", this is just a temporary state until we can meet the leadtime window stated. If you place an order and it's not ready to ship within our standard processing time of 1-3 business days, you will be notified.

  • Adjustable Transmission Perch
  • Replaceable nut for control arm bolt
  • Tubular Subframe (constructed with DOM Tubing)
  • Block Perch Mount
  • Sway Bar Mounts
  • Hardware
  • Tubular Control Arms (for MK2, Corrado or MK3)
  • Tubular Front Cross Bar (for MK2, Corrado or MK3)
  • Engine Mount Kits (VR6, VR6, 4-Cyl, FSI)
  • Engine Swap Kits (VR6, 07K)


  • VW MK2 Golf/Jetta
  • VW Corrado G60
  • VW Corrado VR6
  • VW MK3 Golf/Jetta
  • VW Passat (COMING SOON)

If you are running a subframe that is not factory to your vehicle, please read the NOTE.

NOTE: If you have a MK2 with a MK3 subframe, we recommend to select the Corrado VR6 Tubular Subframe, as it comes with the MK3 style Engine Perch but will have the correct length sway bar tabs for your MK2. For any other non-factory configurations, please contact us for the best fitment. 


The Tubular Subframe has a factory position for the transmission perch, allowing all factory transmissions to bolt in seamlessly. In addition to this, the adjustability in the perch allows additional transmissions to bolt in that would otherwise require modification with an OEM subframe, such as 02M, 02M+, 02Q and DSG.

Control Arms

Heim Tubular Control Arms are required for clearance with the Tubular Subframe. 

Factory Control Arms are NOT compatible.